Roads & Maintenance

Maintenance Department Overview

Spencer Township is responsible for the maintenance of 11.45 miles of township roads and right-of-way. The Maintenance Department is also responsible for the upkeep of township buildings and can be contacted at 419-690-2323 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The dedicated township right-of-way on a curbed street ends at the sidewalk. The sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the home owner.
The assumed right-of-way on rural roads goes back to the telephone poles or utilities.
The township does not perform any service or maintenance on private properties unless we have an easement.
For more right-of-way information use the link below to view or download the Zoning Regulations Document: 

Spencer Township Zoning Regulations Document 

Road Maintenance Projects

2015 Completed:

  • Schwamberger Road, Angola to Frankfort

2016 Completed:

  • Eber Road, Angola to Frankfort 

2017 Completed:

  • Bemis Lane
  • Berkey Road
  • Harriet Road
  • Oak Bend Ave
  • Oak Green Court
  • Oak Hill Court
  • Oak Place Court
  • Oak Red Court
  • Oak Run Court
  • Oak Shadow Court
  • Oak Terrace Court
  • Oak View Court

2018 Completed:

  • Schwamberger Road, Frankfort to Bancroft

2019 Scheduled:

  • Meilke Road, Angola to Frankfort
  • Whitehouse-Spencer Road 
  • Raab Rd, Harding Twp to Frankfort 

2020 Scheduled:

  • Hill Avenue
  • Degenfelder Lane 
  • Eber Rd (south of Angola)