Road & Building Maintenance

Road & Building Maintenance Department

Dean Croskey
Maintenance Supervisor

Contact this department by calling the
Township Offices at 419-865-2883
and following the voice prompts
or by calling the mobile phone at

The Road and Building
Maintenance Department
can also be reached by email:

Tim Bowes
Assistant Maintenance Supervisor

The Spencer Township Road and Building Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of 11.45 miles of township roads and right-of-way in addition to the upkeep of the equipment, vehicles, buildings, and grounds owned by Spencer Township.

The Road and Building Maintenance Office is open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday between 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Spencer Township Offices are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s day, Martin Luther King day, Washington-Lincoln day, Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Columbus day, Veterans’ day, Thanksgiving day, and Christmas day.

Recent Log Jam Removal

Mailbox Replacement

A claim for a mailbox replacement on a road maintained by the county must be submitted within 2 working days of the occurrence.  Please use the link below to access the Lucas County Road Maintenance Department for additional information or a claim form.

Lucas County Road Maintenance Department

A claim for a mailbox replacement on a road maintained by Spencer Township must be submitted within 5 business days of the occurrence to the Road and Building Maintenance office on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. You can also contact the department at 567-408-8931 or via email at

Please use the link below to determine if your road is maintained by Lucas County or Spencer Township.

Road Maintenance Map


The dedicated township right-of-way on a curbed street ends at the sidewalk. The sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the home owner.
The assumed right-of-way on rural roads goes back to the telephone poles or utilities.
The township does not perform any service or maintenance on private properties unless we have an easement.
For more right-of-way information use the link below to view or download the Zoning Regulations Document:

Spencer Township Zoning Regulations Document

Upcoming Road Projects:

Ditch cleaning and dipping in 4 phases on Schwamberger Road

  • Phase 1: Between Bancroft and Dorr (completed)
  • Phase 2: Between Door and Frankfort
  • Phase 3: Between Frankfort and Old State Line
  • Phase 4: Degenfelder Rd.

Road Maintenance Projects:

2020 Scheduled:

  • Degenfelder Lane

2020 Completed:

  • Raab Road
  • Hill Ave
  • South Eber
  • Whitehouse Spencer
  • Meilke Road

2019 Scheduled:

  • Meilke Road, Angola to Frankfort
  • Whitehouse-Spencer Road
  • Raab Rd, Harding Twp to Frankfort

2018 Completed:

  • Schwamberger Road, Frankfort to Bancroft

2017 Completed:

  • Bemis Lane
  • Berkey Road
  • Harriet Road
  • Oak Bend Ave
  • Oak Green Court
  • Oak Hill Court
  • Oak Place Court
  • Oak Red Court
  • Oak Run Court
  • Oak Shadow Court
  • Oak Terrace Court
  • Oak View Court

2016 Completed:

  • Eber Road, Angola to Frankfort

2015 Completed:

  • Schwamberger Road, Angola to Frankfort